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Self-care Kids Edition


Gabbi (5yr) surround by a cloud of bubble and her bedtime routine is just getting started.


But first BUBBLES!

Bedtime routine with a sparkle of self-care is just what my girls need before bedtime. One thing I've noticed over the years, the older children get the less they rather bath. To sit in the bath and play with the same no toys or no toys at all gets a bit boring. Why not make bathing a little more interesting? As adults we enjoy bubble baths to relax in. While children enjoy popping bubbles. SLODEZ are natural, biodegradable, and gentle for kids' skin. SPLODEZ  is made from all-natural algae that can wash down the drain and comes in a fun color (purple). There are no plastics in their formulas.




Nova (1yr) and Gabbi (5yr) enjoying bath time in our master bath. All the products seen here are from One Fun an online natural kids soap line.


Like most parents we want to promote healthy habits with our kiddos, especially with the many germs we're surrounded by these days. My daughters are in love with One Fun natural soaps. I was a little worried initially that the color from the product would leave a colored residue in the sink and/or bath and was very pleased when I learn that it wouldn't.  So we had to circle back to their site to purchase SPLATZ hand soaps! 


Promoting Heathy Habits made easy

As parents we ask ourselves, "Do our child wash their hands enough?" and if you don't this is the time to do so. I've saw on the internet lately parents calling their children "little germinlins" and though the nickname is hilarious. It's very suitable for them! It's our responsibility as parents to promote healthy habit to avoid the spread of the minor and major affections. 


Do your child(ren) wash their hands enough?

If you answer yes, I'm not sure, or even "no" maybe this product would work. At least this is what help us with our little ones. SPLATZ hand soap comes in these pink, green, or even blue balls that your kiddos can squeeze and soap oozes into their hands. Both fun and promotes healthy habits to encourage them to want to wash their hands more.


Nova (1yr) reaching for SPLATZ hands soap from Ashley (30yr).