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Scrolling for Strollers!

There are a lot of cool products out there that make parenting easier! Shopping for a stroller has to be on the list of "I don't know" for the idea product for babies. I've scrolled through countless websites, Facebook Market, Instagram Shop, and even Pinterest for an affordable particular stroller.

We order this Zelia Max 5-in-1 Travel System for our daughter Nova (10 months old) and I must say we're impressed.




We were gifted the Doona carseat stroller for our baby shower gift and originally loved it. I always worried if Nova would out grow her Doona before she turned one. For what it's worth ideally you would like to have a stroller till your child is at least 2.5 before purchasing another one.


The Doona may have not been the smartest investment.

Nova is 29 inches and feet are hanging out. At the beginning one stroller that could do it all was a great concept; however, I wish we hand an extension option for the bottom to adapt with the baby's growth.The Doona may have not been the smartest investment but the best during those beginning stages (that we thought).



Shop Raddl website was super easy to shop and earn money back from amazing products that you would typically spend full price for. After we order the travel system we were asked to submit an honest review about the system and reimburse 30% from our checkout price. The process took about 2 weeks after submitting the review but I was so happy to finally save money on essential items such as this travel system.