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OREO Cookie Balls Recipe

I remember growing up my grandma would have holiday treats traditions spread out on the kitchen counter. My brothers and I would sneak into the kitchen while no one was looking and grab a hand-full of treats and hide out to eat them. Those memories are so fun. Now it's my turn to create memories with my children starting with creating my own holiday treats traditions for them.


My OREO Cookie Balls recipe has been a delicious and easy holiday treat to make for my family. In 15 minutes I have enough treats for our family of 6.





3 Ingredients

• 1 Pack of OREO

• Cream Cheese

• Chocolate Melts




With your blender or food processor add a roll and a half of OREOs. Blend until cookies are crumbs. Add 2 tsp of cream cheese into the cookie crumbs and mix well until cream cheese is no longer visible. The two ingredient mixed together should appears as dough like. Take a spoon or scoop to grab selections of the mix and roll mixer into balls. Once you have all the balls completed, place them into the freezer for 5 minutes. While the balls are in the freezer take your chocolate melts and place them into a bowl for melting.  After the chocolate has melted remover OREO Balls from the freezer and roll them into the chocolate melts until completely covered. Remove the coated OREO balls and place them onto a bake sheet then into the fridge until chocolate harden. Finish off with icing & chocolate crumbs on top and you're all done. Enjoy!